… has been practicing law since 2000 and founded her Reno law firm, Bonnie G. Mahan, Esq. Ltd., in 2002.  Bonnie personally resolves family law issues for her many clients.


Family Law

We believe education is the foundation behind great legal counsel. We combine extensive experience with continuing education in order to successfully represent our clients in Nevada.



From our Clients

5-Stars Yahoo

I think she is the BEST. she talked me through every step of the way. she helped even if i just needed encouragement. she let me know if i was in the wrong or if needed to be tougher. she was GREAT

5-Stars YP

This law office works with you. They schedule you in – in a pinch.

Bonnie has a cool level head and can really help you put things in perspective. She is aggressive when she needs to be. She is ethical. You can trust her to represent you with solid legal experience.

5-Stars P.R.

I worked with Bonnie on and off for nearly 10 years (yes, TEN years.) from initial consultation, to guidance, to FINALIZED divorce.
The system is already complicated and hard to navigate.  Our situation involved an existing case in CA which made things even more complicated.  Bonnie was there to guide me through all the chaos.  She provided timely and reassuring responses throughout the process.  She walked me through expectations prior to meeting with the mediator, which gave me a solid understanding of what the hearing would be like, which helped calm some very agitated nerves.  She continues to offer guidance and support as new questions arise.
I am very grateful to have had her help during an incredibly tumultuous time.

5-Stars S.S.

I have personally known and worked with Bonnie for more than 17 years. She has assisted me with both personal & professional matters. I have referred many clients, friends & family to her for family law services.
On a personal level, Bonnie has always treated me with the utmost care and respect. She definitely kept my 3 daughters’ best interests at heart and truly helped me navigate through several challenging custody situations.

She even helped us regain custody of my oldest daughter’s dog – what a tender/loving moment that reunion was after my daughter and her beloved dog had been separated for nearly a year.
Bonnie has a unique perspective and approach as a divorce attorney and is never self-serving. She understands the true emotional, financial and experiential ‘cost’ of divorce/custody and her primary interest is to find the best path to resolution and closure, so families can move on and rebuild their lives constructively.

5-Stars D.A

Bonnie was my attorney for many years during my long, drawn-out, divorce and custody case. She was helpful and understanding, providing far more than what was expected. She is knowledgeable and experienced. I have referred others to her and would do so again and again!!!

5-Stars DN

Bonnie helped me with all the aspects of my divorce and made me feel comfortable about the process. Quite possibly the best Family Law Attorney in Nevada. Thank you.

5-Stars P.C.

Bonnie resolved an ongoing claim, from the state of CA, that was 10 —- TEN — years old…..in six months……she told me six months….it was done in six months. End of story. She gave me realistic expectations. She responded to every inquiry, and she is a resource currently. Bonnie is awesome.

5-Stars A.G.

Bonnie has been my attorney for several years regarding my post divorce case, mostly my custody issues. Bonnie has always been up front and honest to me about my case. I always feel comfortable with Bonnie representing me.

5-Stars A.S.

Attorney Mahan has been a blessing in my life .When I was going through one of the most difficult custody battles, she handled my case with empathy and diligence. When ever I needed to speak with her, she always made herself available to talk with me about my thoughts and concerns. Not only did I feel like I was prioritized as a client, but she comforted me in an extremely stressful time. I would recommend Ms. Mahan to any of my friends or colleagues as she is a brilliant attorney and confidante.

5-Stars L.H.

I highly recommend Bonnie Mahan as a family law attorney. She and her staff are extremely knowledgable and personable.

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