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When a married couple decides to legally separate, a divorce is usually required. Divorce is one of the most common practice areas in family law, and also one of the most complex. Divorce is complex because it involves many different issues, including child support, child custody, visitation rights, alimony, and property division. These issues can vary widely from case to case.

  • Contested/non-contested

  • Legal Separation

  • Child Support

  • Child Custody

Experienced Divorce Representation

When divorce-related issues are contested and settlement attempts fail, a judge will intervene and make the final decisions. Even when both parties agree on most divorce-related terms, incorporating those terms into binding and enforceable written agreements often requires the help of an experienced divorce attorney.

Divorce can be a traumatic event, and strong emotions can often cloud your judgment. An experienced family-law attorney should act on your behalf based on knowledge and legal expertise, not emotion.

If you are going through a separation or divorce in Nevada, contested or not, you should consult with an experienced attorney who primarily practices family law. A good attorney will advise you throughout the divorce process, and can litigate to protect your interests in court if a fair settlement can’t be reached. Contact experienced Reno attorney Bonnie Mahan to ensure that you, your children, and your assets are protected.


Divorce FAQs

What can I do to keep things civil between me and my spouse?2019-04-22T19:27:07+00:00

Going through a divorce is difficult for all parties involved. It’s in your best interest to treat your spouse with courtesy through all stages of your divorce. If interactions between you and your spouse become heated, walk away. If conflict seems inevitable, simply tell your spouse you need all communication to be between attorneys.

What can I do to help ensure that the family court rules in my favor?2019-04-22T19:27:13+00:00

Help your attorney help you. In other words, follow your attorney’s advice. An effective attorney will work to form effective legal strategies on your behalf. Additionally, never enter legal agreements or sign binding documents before consulting your attorney.

My spouse wants me to do something that conflicts with my attorney’s advice. What should I do?2019-04-22T19:27:01+00:00

First, during the divorce process, it’s best to err on the side of caution and approach negotiations with some skepticism. Your spouse may resent your lawyer, and may even attempt to undermine your attorney’s influence. Keep in mind you are paying your attorney to look out for your best interests. A good attorney will let you know you whether your spouse’s suggestions will help to meet your legal goals.

My spouse is asking me about the meetings that I’m having with my attorney. How much should I tell him or her?2019-04-22T19:26:49+00:00

When going through a divorce, it’s best to let your attorney handle the flow of information and communication, in order to protect your interests. If your spouse is requesting case-related information from you, politely inform him or her you’re not willing to discuss legal matters without your attorney present.

I have kids. How much should I tell them about my divorce case?2019-04-22T19:26:42+00:00

Simply put, you should not discuss your divorce case with your children. Never, under any circumstances, should you use them as messengers; not only will this hurt your case, it has the potential to cause lasting damage to your children and to your relationship with them. Further, you should never speak poorly of your spouse to your children; your children get half their DNA from your spouse.  When you criticize your spouse, you are criticizing that part of your children.

Often, it’s a good idea to obtain family counseling to help your children successfully deal with your divorce and the changing family dynamic.

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