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Family law is defined as the collection of legislation and laws relating to any issues that have a significant and serious effect on family relationships.

Divorce is the most common family matter. In reality, the scope covered by family law attorneys is very broad.  It involves a wide range of issues affecting all aspects of family and personal life.

At Bonnie G. Mahan, Esq., Ltd. in Reno, we are not only equipped with the legal knowledge and skills required; we are also compassionate and hold a high regard for the client’s emotional nature.

Bonnie’s law firm practices mainly in Reno, Sparks and Incline Village, Nevada, however she also accepts cases in Carson City as well as Douglas, Lyon, Churchill and Pershing counties.

Areas of Family Law

Nevada family law can be complex when it comes to matters like:

Cohabitation and Prenuptial Arrangements

Prenuptial agreements are not only for the rich and famous anymore.  Prenuptial arrangements are practical and sensible, allowing couples to calmly settle and agree on future expectations in the event the relationship ends.

A Cohabitation Arrangement can be filed for unmarried couples as some states or countries do not recognize their [unmarried] status.  This arrangement is for those planning to be in a domestic relationship and have no plans of getting married in the near future.  This works like a prenuptial, ensuring that both parties agree to what should happen to their assets in case they go their separate ways.

Child Custody

The most sensitive issue during a divorce proceeding is deciding who should have custody of the child(ren).  In some cases, however, couples are not able to come to an agreement on their own.  In this situation, family court would be necessary for a Nevada family law attorney to suggest a practical and sensible agreement for the family.

The court always ensures that the child’s best interests are the priority.  The parents’ financial capacity, the health and age of the child, emotional bonds, and previous history of child or domestic abuse are all taken into consideration before making a decision.

Protection or Restraining Orders

In cases of domestic violence or abuse, a personal protection or restraining order can be filed in court to protect the victim from the abusive partner/spouse.  Depending on the gravity of the situation, this can be either a permanent or temporary order.

Importance of Family Law

Family laws are in place to help families resolve their emotional and personal disputes.  The laws are designed to protect the rights and duties of every family member, regardless of the situation.  They provide a basic framework for achieving equitable and fair results.

This field of law is an emotionally challenging area since it deals with failed relationships and the complications that arise from separations.  To overcome such an emotional crisis, strong legal help is recommended.

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