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When there are unresolved issues within a household, a family law attorney should be the first person to seek advice from.  Nevada family law matters includes divorce or annulment, child support, spousal support or alimony, or child custody and visitation rights.

Navigating through family law issues can be complicated, to say the least.  Compassionate family law attorneys should be skilled in handling emotional situations and successful in court proceedings and negotiations.

Cases related to family law can be argumentative legal disputes.  Legal documents and court proceedings concerning family law cases can also be very confusing.  It is important to have a family law attorney who is not just knowledgeable about Nevada state laws, but also supports families with compassion and sensitivity.

The law office of Bonnie G. Mahan, Esq., Ltd. – Incline Village is available to help you with any family law issue.

Bonnie’s law firm practices mainly in Reno, Sparks and Incline Village, Nevada, however she also accepts cases in Carson City as well as Douglas, Lyon, Churchill and Pershing counties.

Areas of Family Law

Alimony or Spousal Support

In some separation or divorce cases, if one party has more capacity to provide financially, the court may require spousal support or alimony payments to be made. State laws may vary regarding certain terms and conditions.  In most cases, the support is given to the partner who has lesser income or spouse who stays at home taking care of the household or the children.
There are three types of spousal support granted by the court:

Permanent alimony

Financial support payments are paid until the spouse providing the support dies or in the event that the recipient spouse remarries.

Temporary alimony

A support payment made until the recipient spouse becomes independently financially stable and secure.  This is normally awarded to the spouse who suffers the most financial hardships during the separation or divorce proceedings.

Rehabilitative alimony

Is financial support for the stay-at-home spouses who relied on their spouse financially during most or all of the marriage.  The court would require the more financially stable person to provide support to the spouse by financially supporting job training or college expenses needed to get them back into the workforce to sustain a living.


Establishing paternity is done to determine a father’s legal obligations to a child.  To secure child support payments, mothers would file for a paternity suit for an absent father.  Fathers can file a paternity suit by completing a DNA test in order to build a connection with the child, gain visitation rights, or acquire physical custody.  This normally happens to unmarried couples and can be voluntary or involuntary.

Domestic violence

Personal Protection Orders (PPO) are filed in family court when a current or ex-spouse/partner or anyone related by blood or marriage abuses the other person.  Domestic violence is not only physical violence, it can also be in the form of emotional, financial, sexual, or psychological abuse.

Importance of Family Law

In the event of a divorce or annulment, most Nevada family law attorneys do more than argue the case in court, they help families negotiate fair settlements among all parties involved without having to go to court – which saves time and money.  In some cases, settling out of court can keep children away from the traumatic experience of having to testify in court.

A skilled and competent Nevada family law attorney can also help couples that are planning to get married regarding prenuptial arrangements and in cases of divorce, to advise on crucial legal decisions and various financial matters.

Should you need legal advice or support regarding any issues related to family law, we are here to help!